Linking bird watching with capacity building, ecofriendly sustainable development, and conservation in one of Latin America’s most biodiverse countries

Bolivia is a megadiverse country but still lacks a guide to its about 1420 bird species, including 15 endemics and 18 near-endemics. Have you ever wondered why? We have set out to close this gap, and we are almost there, but we need your support for the last leg of the journey. We invite you to be part of history in the making. Below and through the menu bar we provide detailed information and answers to the most obvious questions you may have. If your curiosity is still not satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us at


In a nutshell – the project summary

How can I help? What benefits do I get from supporting this project?

Why a guide to the birds of Bolivia? Why watch birds in Bolivia? Eight good reasons that will convince the most skeptical of critics...

Why support the production of a bird guide? Isn’t that a commercial venture of a publishing company?

Find out why this not-for-profit project is different by supporting bird conservation and sustainable development...

Who else is supporting this project?

How much of the guide has been completed? What needs to be done still? What exactly would I be supporting?

What will be done with the revenues from book sales?

What is the plan of the book? Will this be a single- or two-volume publication? In which languages? How many color plates will there be?

Who is behind this project? Who are the authors and illustrators?


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