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Wedge-tailed Hillstar (Oreotrochilus adela) © D. Alarcón / C. MateuThis field guide is not about making a profit, but about supporting local people and bird conservation in Bolivia.

We use a fairly new, innovative approach to document the avifauna of a megadiverse tropical country in a highly conservation-efficient manner. Most commercial bird guide publishers have not adopted such an approach as it is economically unprofitable. However, this project is not about making profit, but about sustainable bird-based tourism development, raising environmental consciousness, and supporting bird conservation initiatives within Bolivia.

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What will you find in the field guide?

With an exceedingly diverse avifauna of almost 1440 species, space is highly limited when aiming for publication of all information in a single volume. Such a book would also be bulky and impractical in the field. Therefore, in addition to a compact, portable Birds of Bolivia Field Guide published as separate English and Spanish editions, this webpage serves as a complimentary resource for all that extra information that wouldn’t fit onto the pages of the printed version, as well as new information that becomes available.

The paperback field guide (24 cm x 16.5 cm by 3 cm, weight ca. 1150 g) contains 220 color plates, with 5-7 species illustrated per plate. Notably different subspecies of a given species are depicted as are the differences between males and females or between different color morphs. Five plates are dedicated exclusively to raptors in flight.

On facing pages, the guide features brief texts on each species for field identification (including size, relative abundance, habitat, plumage and vocalization features crucial for identification, distribution by ecoregion, habitat, and elevation) as well as detailed Bolivian range maps with locality records.

Short, concise introductory chapters include information on how to use the book and on bird conservation in Bolivia.

Author Information
Illustrator Information

Illustrations by Oscar Tintaya. Copyright Asociación Armonía.

Illustrations by Carl Christian Tofte. Copyright Asociación Armonía.

Illustrations by Héctor Slongo. Copyright Asociación Armonía.

Illustrations by Julián Q. Vidoz. Copyright Asociación Armonía.

Illustrations by Christopher J. Vogel. Copyright Asociación Armonía.

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  1. I would like to see some of your pages re colour plates and adjacent maps.
    Is it available in paperback?
    How much does it weigh and price?

    • Dear Roy Jurgensen,
      thank you for your inquiry. The information you requested has been added to this page. List price is $50, although it is currently hard to get outside of Bolivia. Where do you live?

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