Located 3-4 hours east of Santa Cruz, San Miguelito Jaguar Conservation Ranch offers birdwatching with a variety of other experiences mixed in. A working cattle ranch where proceeds from tourism offset cattle losses due to jaguar predation in the vicinity and encourage habitat conservation, this private initiative shows that positive results come from careful management. A safari-type experience includes any combination of hikes, canoe trips, horseback riding, driving tours, and observation from viewing platforms.

San Miguelito is the perfect place for those wanting to observe a wide variety of raptors, aquatic species, and specialists of the Chiquitania and Cerrado.

Lodging is offered in the ranch house with capacity for 10 people. All meals are included and personal preferences are accomodated. Tour package options include transportation to and from Santa Cruz and English-speaking guides. Advance reservations are required.

Contact San Miguelito Jaguar Conservation Ranch via webpage.