Chuchini Ecological Reserve eBird Hotspot
Department: Beni
Nearest town: Trinidad
Ecological Region: Southwest Amazonía/Seasonally-flooded Savanna

Specialty Species Possible:
Patagioenas subvinacea/Ruddy Pigeon
Thamnophilus sticturus/Bolivian Slaty-Antshrike
Turdus haplochrous/Unicolored Thrush

The Chuchini Ecological Reserve is privately owned and family run. Several trails are available for independent birdwatching; be sure to get clear directions. Weekday visits (closed Tuesdays) are economical and recommended for birding due to Chuchini’s popularity with local crowds on weekends. Overnight stays, arranged independently or as part of a tour, allow access to trails during prime birding hours. Chuchini is only accessible by car during the dry season (July-Nov). Otherwise, boat transportation can be arranged with the owners in advance.

Contact information:, Whatsapp or phone: 72842200