Also known as the Boliviano-Tucumano Forest, the Southern Yungas ecological region is the subtropical counterpart of the Northern Yungas on the east slope of the southern Andes with moderate seasonality in rainfall. This region is patchy in distribution, and the most humid areas are on the east-facing slopes and ridges, mostly above 1,200 m.

Recommended eBird Hotspots in the Southern Yungas:
Serranía de Siberia

Bolivian Endemics and Near-Endemics:
Ara militaris/Military Macaw
Tharphonomus harterti
/Bolivian Earthcreeper
Sicalis luteocephala/Citron-headed Yellow-Finch
Poospiza boliviana/Bolivian Warbling Finch
Oreopsar bolivianus/Bolivian Blackbird

Threatened species:
Tinamus tao/Gray Tinamou
Spizaetus isidori
/Black-and-chestnut Eagle
Amazona tucumana
/Tucuman Parrot
Ara militaris
/Military Macaw
Cinclus schulzi/Rufous-throated Dipper
Poospiza baeri
/Tucuman Mountain Finch

Other ecoregion specialties: