Ara rubrogenys/Red-fronted Macaw

Red-fronted Macaw (Ara rubrogenys). Copyright Aidan Maccormick.

All you need to know to find the Red-fronted Macaw:

The best site by far to observe this species year-round AND truly enjoy the experience is the Red-fronted Macaw Reserve in the Mizque River valley west of Saipina in the department of Cochabamba. This eBird hotspot harbors the Red-fronted Macaw’s largest known breeding colony of around 30 active breeding pairs each year. The Reserve also is a Birding for Conservation site and your stay at the Red-fronted Macaw Lodge helps improve the livelihoods of the local indigenous communities of San Carlos, Perereta and Amaya, the local guardians of the breeding colony.

During the austral winter dry season, the Red-fronted Macaw can also be spotted along Highway 7 in the Pampagrande area about one hour west of Samaipata in Santa Cruz department, where it often feeds in corn and peanut fields and hence is considered a crop pest by local farmers.

For those who visit Bolivia’s capital city Sucre, the nearby Monte Willca protected area is the best site to see this Bolivian endemic.