The high-Andean Dry Puna ecological region covers much of the Altiplano and its directly adjacent slopes. It is characterized by barren, sparsely vegetated (e.g., grasses, heath, open Polylepis woodland) plains and slopes and dry to semi-desertic climatic conditions. This region contains large salt flats, alkaline and brackish lakes, and locally also freshwater bogs.

Recommended eBird Hotspots in the Dry Puna:
Lago Uru Uru
Laguna Colorada

Bolivian Endemics and Near-Endemics: None

Threatened species:
Phoenicoparrus andinus/Andean Flamingo

Other ecoregion specialties:
Rhea pennata tarapacensis/Lesser or Puna Rhea
Tinamotis pentlandii/Puna Tinamou
Phoenicoparrus jamesi/James’s Flamingo
Fulica cornuta/Horned Coot
Fulica gigantea
/Giant Coot
Phegornis mitchellii/Diademed Sandpiper-Plover
Recurvirostra andina/Andean Avocet
Attagis gayi
/Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe
Thinocorus orbignyianus
/Gray-breasted Seedsnipe
Thinocorus rumicivorus
/Least Seedsnipe
Geositta punensis
/Puna Miner
Muscisaxicola griseus
/Taczanowski’s Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola juninensis
/Puna Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola albifrons
/White-fronted Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola flavinucha
/Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola albilora
/White-browed Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola capistratus
/Cinnamon-bellied Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola frontalis
/Black-fronted Ground-Tyrant
Agriornis albicauda
/White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant
Sicalis lutea
/Puna Yellow-Finch
Sicalis uropygialis
/Bright-rumped Yellow-Finch
Idiopsar dorsalis
/Red-backed Sierra Finch
Idiopsar erythronotus
/White-throated Sierra Finch
Idiopsar speculifera
/White-winged Diuca Finch
Spinus crassirostris
/Thick-billed Siskin
Spinus uropygialis
/Yellow-rumped Siskin