The Humid Puna ecological region covers the highest areas of the east Andean chain and the northern end of the Bolivian Altiplano (Titicaca Basin). It is characterized mainly by semi-humid to humid grassland and, locally, woodland, Polylepis forest, freshwater lakes, and bogs.

Recommended eBird Hotspots in the Humid Puna:
Lake Titicaca, Southeast End
San Miguel Polylepis Forest

Bolivian Endemics and Near-Endemics:
Aglaeactis pamela/Black-hooded Sunbeam
Diglossa carbonaria/Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer
Poospiza garleppi
/Cochabamba Mountain-Finch

Threatened species:
Nothoprocta taczanowskii/Taczanowski’s Tinamou
Rollandia microptera
/Titicaca Grebe
Cinclodes aricomae
/Royal Cinclodes
Anairetes alpinus/Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant
Poospiza garleppi
/Cochabamba Mountain-Finch

Other ecoregion specialties:
Gallinago jamesoni/Jameson’s or Andean Snipe
Theristicus melanopis branickii
/Black-faced or Andean Ibis
Oreotrochilus leucopleurus
/White-sided Hillstar
Chalcostigma olivaceum
/Olivaceous Thornbill
Chalcostigma stanleyi/Blue-mantled Thornbill
Metallura aeneocauda
/Scaled Metaltail
Pterophanes cyanopterus
/Great Sapphirewing
Grallaria andicolus
/Stripe-headed Antpitta
Scytalopus simonsi
/Puna Tapaculo
Leptasthenura andicola
/Andean Tit-Spinetail
Asthenes urubambensis
/Line-fronted Canastero
Asthenes maculicauda
/Scribble-tailed Canastero
Asthenes wyatti
/Streak-backed Canastero
Asthenes humilis
/Streak-throated Canastero
Muscisaxicola griseus
/Taczanowski’s Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola juninensis
/Puna Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola albifrons
/White-fronted Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola flavinucha
/Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola albilora
/White-browed Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola capistratus
/Cinnamon-bellied Ground-Tyrant
Muscisaxicola frontalis
/Black-fronted Ground-Tyrant
Agriornis albicauda
/White-tailed Shrike-Tyrant
Cnemarchus erythropygius
/Red-rumped Bush-Tyrant
Ochthoeca fumicolor
/Brown-backed Chat-Tyrant
Ampelion rubrocristatus
/Red-crested Cotinga
Mimus patagonicus
/Patagonian Mockingbird
Conirostrum binghami
/Giant Conebill
Conirostrum ferrugineiventre
/White-browed Conebill
Conirostrum cinereum
/Cinereous Conebill
Sicalis lutea
/Puna Yellow-Finch
Sicalis uropygialis
/Bright-rumped Yellow-Finch
Idiopsar dorsalis
/Red-backed Sierra Finch
Idiopsar erythronotus
/White-throated Sierra Finch
Idiopsar speculifera
/White-winged Diuca Finch
Idiopsar brachyurus
/Short-tailed Finch
Catamenia homochroa
/Paramo Seedeater
Diuca diuca
/Common Diuca Finch
Pseudosaltator rufiventris
/Rufous-bellied Mountain Tanager (Saltator)
Spinus crassirostris
/Thick-billed Siskin
Spinus uropygialis
/Yellow-rumped Siskin